Using NetBeans 7.3.1 i have created a JFrame.
A JLabel fills the bottom of the JFrame .
The JLabel displays an ImageIcon.
I want the ImageIcon automatically resize itself when JLabel resizes.

Generated Code from IDE :

        jLabel1.setIcon(new javax.swing.ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/Number_theory/resources/primes_ulam_spiral.gif"))); // NOI18N
        jLabel1.addComponentListener(new java.awt.event.ComponentAdapter() {
            public void componentResized(java.awt.event.ComponentEvent evt) {

My way to change Icon's dimensions according to label's dimensions.

 private void jLabel1ComponentResized(java.awt.event.ComponentEvent evt) {                                         

        int labelwidth = jLabel1.getWidth();
        int labelheight = jLabel1.getHeight();

        ImageIcon Icon = new javax.swing.ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/Number_theory/resources/primes_ulam_spiral.gif"));

         Image img = Icon.getImage();
         jLabel1.setIcon( new ImageIcon(img.getScaledInstance(labelwidth,labelheight ,Image.SCALE_FAST)));


The result is a slow adjustment to frame resizing.
Is there a better way ;

Don't reload the image file every time. Do it just once at startup and keep a copy.

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