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program discription mini grading system w\ccompute your final grade.
create a data file named studrec.txt
accepts the ff. feilds info:
ID no
Last name
First name
mmiddle name
Quizes and grades
Project grades
Attendance grade
behavior and growming grade
exam grade
Prefinal grade
additional fields:
Average of the quizes
Average of the projects
Partial grade for the final grading period
final grade
use the formula
partial grade: 15% ave
15% Project
10% attendance
10% behavior and Growming
50% final exam
final grade= 70% of the partial grade
= 30% of the prefinal grade
Appened record
accepts the same feilds of info.
the same computations
Edit a record search a particular read using id no.
display a sinlge record
same edit record
i hope yu will help me...????????? plssssssss

First attempt your assignment/homework. If you get stuck then you can show your code here and then we can help you.