Hi people:

Here is a very basic question, but it has been bugging the living hell out of me.

I am using Visual Studio 2005 and progamming in C. The whole program's skeleton was given to me, and NOT to be altered. There are several header files in the "header" folder and several source files in the "source" folder. I was supposed to create another source file called "stringQueue.c" and implement all the functions whose signatures declared in the "stringQueue.h" (already given).

So I created this "new" source file and defined those functions, and lastly I put #include "stringQueue.h" on the top of the stringQueue.c file. But when I tried to complie the program, (main() is in another source file), it gave me more errors and warnings than I could handle.
My solution was to cut all the functions in the stringQueue.c file and pasted them into the bottom of the source file where the main() was, and it went without any problems.
I really do not know how to use this #include or how to organize large program into smaller source files. Can any one you help?

Many thanks

Hi you guys, the problem has been solved. I guess I need more time on programming and learning.

could you tell me?

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