Hi all,

I've got 2 columns with 28 textboxes in ech column. The user of the program I'm making has to type in digits into the textboxes. In each column theres a total box. I'd like to know how can I make coding to display the largest number of the 2 columns in both total boxes... and then the smallest number must be subtracted from the largest and displayed in 2 textboxes under the Total boxes... Is it possible? Can someone perhaps help me with coding?
I have got NO CODING to do this and I dont know where to start...


It's definitely possible.

If this is homework, your instructor should have provided you with material that explains the processes involved.

If this isn't homework, or your instructor didn't provide any materials, then you should probably be googling tutorial sites for VB.net tutorials, to learn the basics of what is possible and the different ways things can be done

Generally, though, you want to break down each thing you want to do into smaller steps and concentrate on each step before you go to another.

You can use a similar technique as discussed in your other thread here

@tinstaafl : No it's not homework, no I dont have an instructor.

@Reverend Jim: What part of my other thread must I refer to?

Just a suggestion: why not use an array of TextBoxes here?

Perhaps we should start by asking:

  1. do you know how to compare two numbers, so that you can get the larger of the two?
  2. Do you know what an array is, how to declare an array in VB.Net, and how to get an element from an array?
  3. Do you know how to get and set the contents of a TextBox?
  4. Do you know how to convert a String to an Integer?