Hello I have an exam on Tuesday about client server, my tutor has given us a revision list, I don’t understand the some of the list, could someone please help me understand what he wants, or better if you give me examples

The question is:

Compulsory 1

Diagrams + description of layers of software, tiers of hardware
For both thin client and fat client

My tutor said the answer will be in the following software, he has given us 5 different applications, can you please tell me which one I have to learn, I have had a look and none of them deal with hardware or software, can you please tell me which one I need to learn.

If you decide to help you will need to copy the database to c:temp


Well, the difference between a thin client and a fat client is:
thin client: the bulk of processing is done on the server
fat client: the processing is done on the client

A thin client usually has no hard-drive, and loads it's OS and software from a server.... a lot like a terminal.

I dunno about the whole software layers thing, but I'm guessing the question wants you to draw out, a diagram of the layout. So, for the thin client layout, I'm sure it would want a picture that represents the server, a picture that represents the client, and a description of the hard-ware (the client has no hard-drive, the server does) etc, etc.

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