i am confused about "Checked" in C#. I know it use for overflow checking. Can we use it for undeflow ? Or there is some thing else which an be use for underflow.

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I'm confused about your question.
Could you give an example, where "Checked" is used for overflow checking?
O, and this should be posted in the C# departement.

Thanks for your reply.

Code :

long l=new long();

        int i=new int();
        l = long.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

            i =checked((int) l);
        Console.WriteLine("Heyt :S ");

yeah sorry for this, it should be on C#(actually i am new in daniweb)

Overflow, also means underflow in this case.
This will generate an overflow exeption:

int t = 10;
int i = checked(-1234567891*t);