hello friend i like to make program in which user can selecte product and they can choose on e or more product by clicking add button now i want to save this firstly temporary all selected product when they click on add button and when user click on submit it should be inserted in databse

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Homework... Or work work. In either case, make an attempt to deal with it, and then we can critique your code.

If that is a web application, store the data in hidden input fields which you can spawn via Jscript. However, the same priniciple can be applied in a JFrame extending application (just to go frame.setVisible(true);).

Hope this helps.

I'm not entirely sure what setting the visibility of a JFrame has to do with the question o_O

But some code as to what you have so far would be fantastic as I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. You want to store your results from a database? Then store them in a variable?

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