I would like to load the data from a SOAP response XML file to a MySQL table. Sample SOAP XML would be http://data.gov.in/sites/default/files/Ashgourd_2012.xml. I have to write a program to populate the data. I'm not very familiar with Java Web Services. I've worked with Struts2 and basics of Spring. I'm in a situation to finish this XML to MySQL in one day. Please let me know which technologies (Spring WS, Hibernate(JPA), JAXB, JAX WS etc) to use and if possible put the code snippets as well.

Thanks in advance

You need NONE of those. You build a webservice client where you can get normal OBJECTS to work with, rather than a blurb of XML.

Edit: Not true, hibernate COULD help with your DB, but not NEEDED. And JAX-WS IS webservices. Simply google for some web service tutorial and pay attention to the client side of that tutorial (since your post seems to imply that the service already exists and you simply need to USE it).

@masijade Thanks for your reply. But what I came to know from the internet is, I should get the XML Schema from the SOAP response and use JAXB(xjc) to generate the POJOs and then use HyperJAXB to annotate the POJOs and the use XDoclet to generate the Hibernate Mapping files to persist in the MySQL Database. But I'm unable to find out a tutorial that explains the step by step process clearly. There are some references that only shows a small snippet or just specific part of the entire process. Please give me the link for sample source code or a tutorial that explains the process completely.

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