I'm working with VB.net 2010. I need an windows form where i can select scanner's connected to my pc and then scan image and save it by a save dialogbox....
Waiting for help.....

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You can use the COM to detect the plugged in devices then from there you can do what ever you want, Please note that you can't get the codes without showing your efforts and clearly show where you are having problems, you can try this www.yiigo.com/guides/vbnet/how-to-twain-scan.shtml

thanks for help, i will try....

For the save dialog part, there is a built in SaveFileDialog Class
This will enable you to put up an on screen Save File Dialog without having to design your own interface etc. (like we used to have to do in VB 6.0)

@dibakarmishra have you checked the link and tried it out that I sent you?

i want scan a photo drect in to vb.net form and save into sql server database

This post is 4 years old, you can't hijack other peoples posts. You haven't also stated what have you tried so far.

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