Not sure if this the correct forum to post this question.
I would like to know how to implement code completion for an editor in the eclipse plugin project. I created a multiPageEditor and now I am tring to implement code completion. I was not able to find a good tutorial on implementing it raher than the eclipse API. I would appreciate if someone could point me to a good reference.

One of the problems with "code completion" (giving the user the option of selecting previously input items) is that you REALLY need to actively parse the syntax of the language being programmed. IE, is this item a language keyword, a variable, or what? Which it may be depends upon the current statment being edited.

basically the syntax, so for example in java if you call an inbuild method when u write the method name the () and the argument prepopulate and then with the . operator it gives you serveral possible option. This is whaat i am trying to acheve.
Appreciate a response

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