I have a parser in .madl language in a txt format and I want to implement the code completion in java in eclipse plugin project. Fro ex: code completion is in a java editor if you press Ctrl+space a popuo window appears with relating option that are available, I want to implement similar to this but with different syntax. Does anyone have any resource for a beginner. Appreciate if you can point to resource.


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a beginner? what do you mean, a beginner? just beginning with Java Swing, just beginning with Java itself? ...
you can add a changelistener to your textfield.
keep the possible values in a list, on each change of the textfield check whether it's empty, if not: build a new list based on the complete one, with the filter that only the elements that contain or beginwith that value may be added.

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The way I read the OP's request is he simply wants code completion within Eclipse. He is not trying to build his own IDE? Could be wrong though.

JamesCherrill: yes i did at those links but they dont mentioned anything about the parser and creatng the AST for the code completion.
iamthwee: i am trying to buld a plugin project in elipse for the madl language. (madl is in groovy language). so for this I am trying to implement the code completion.

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