Is java a platform Independent language. I think its no?

My question is in what respect java is totally platform dependent. Is there any case? Share with Us. I have seen this question. So please reply quickly. Java is probably one of object oriented programming. Does it purely object oriented programming?

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It's platform-independent unless you deliberately include something that depends ona particular platform (eg accessing the Windows registry).

Java is not quite "pure" OO, it has primitive variables (int, boolean etc) which are not objects.

Re: In what respect java is dependent platform language 80 80

What James said. In addition, a lot of the time there are JNI (Java Native Interfaces) methods/classes that are wrappers to interface with native code that is distinctly platform dependent. If you write "pure" Java, then it is platform independent - the underlying JVM (Java Virtual Machine) takes care of the platform-specific issues, such as byte order for numbers, file and network system interfacing, etc.

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