Hello everyone,
I have a project which i want to publish but the problem is i don't know how to add my name as the developer in the setup...
can anyone tell me how to do that...
thanks in advance

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What do you mean by setup? An about dialogbox? A splash screen?

setup means the appliction setup file

Please specify what you mean by a setup file?
Do you use Visual Studio?

yes i am using visual studio and in that when i publish by project i get a
setup (.exe) file i the solution folder
i want that setup details have my name as publisher or aurthor

OK, now I see.
But why not add a nice, professional looking aboutbox to your application?
Here you can put your name version number etc.
Just use add new item d8b8fd91cbe3b867305eb11ccca1c58e

okay,thanks for that idea :)
but i still want to know if it can be done

Sorry, I have absolutely no idea how to manipulate the setup process.

but i still want to know if it can be done

Yup, it can be done. How depends somewhat on how you're deploying the setup.exe, but typically for standalone installers you can either use the default user interface, tweak the default user interface, or define your own completely.

For example, in Visual Studio's Setup & Deployment project (.vdproj), if you right click on the project and choose User Interface from the View menu, you can fiddle with the install wizard views. You can also use custom actions to get a little more flexibility.

With something like WiX, you get much more control over the UI, but at the cost of a steep learning curve for the declarative XML language. I actually prefer WiX if any kind of customization beyond UI banners is needed, otherwise the standard Setup & Deployment project is easier to build and maintain.

InnoSetup is also popular because it has an expressive scripting language. I haven't done much UI customization from InnoSetup though, so I'm not qualified to provide details on your question.

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