I need help with the following
This is what I have so far, can someone just note down how they would go about writting the if statement Thanks.

    /**Returns the result of a card requesting to move through a door.
     * A move will be successful if:   
     * the rating of the card  >= the rating of the destination zone
     * AND the destination zone is not full
     * AND the card has sufficient credits
     * AND the card is currently in the source zone
     * If the move can be made, the card information is removed from the source
     * zone and added to the destination zone and a suitable message returned.
     * If the move cannot be made, the state of the system remains unchanged
     * and a message specifying the reason is returned.
     * @param cd is the card requesting the move
     * @param dr is the number of the door through which the 
     * card is requesting to move
     * @return a String giving the result of the request 
    public String move(Card cd, int dr)

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