To help I will explain further, from the wm_paint handler in my parent window proc call textout in order to display text on the dialog box in my program. :D

I'm not saying it's impossible, but normally the parent will send a message to dialog so that dialog can update the text in the dialog's window. You can set up private messages to do that.

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Ok sorry if I'm using up too much of your time, but how do I use drawing command in a thread and then use _beginthread function during the wm_paint handler of a dialog box I have tried but I can't seem to get it to display anything? :)

Thanks for the reply!

What I'm trying to do is have my dialog box appear when a menu item is pressed (I have done that) but then a thread containing textout function to display text on the dialog box begins but the text isn't displayed, could this be a defect of _beginthread?

Thanks for the reply :)

So I'm not able to add gdi functions to threads that begin in a dialog box?

Thanks for the reply :)

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