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 int randNum=0;
     Scanner in= new Scanner (System.in);
     Random randNumlist= new Random();
     System.out.println("lowercase letters [a]");
      String input= in.next();
      System.out.println(" how many letters max 14");
      int input2=in.nextInt();
     if ( input.equalsIgnoreCase("A"))
     while( !(randNum>= (char)97 && randNum<= (char)122))
         for (int n=1; n <=input2; n++)
             randNum= randNumlist.nextInt(135);


I'm trying to generate all lower case characters to create a password with ASCII. But it won't generate the numbers I want.

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Hi, welcome to DaniWeb.
Lower case letters are 26 consecutive Unicode values starting with 'a', so the cleanest way to generate a random lower case letter is to get a random integer in the range 0-25 and add it to 'a', as in

'a' + randNumlist.nextInt(26)

But, that calculation will be performed in int (32 bits), up-converting the char 'a' to int, so you will need to cast it back to char (16 bits) at th end...

(char) ('a' + randNumlist.nextInt(26))

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