I am looking for a case study explaining cmmi? The case study could be of any level from 2-5 and for any process development, services and acquistion? For example a case study explaining PMC (project monitoring and control) in level 2 development?

Maturity Level 2 - Development

CM - Configuration Management
MA - Measurement and Analysis
PMC - Project Monitoring and Control
PP - Project Planning
You can check here which cmmi i am talking about - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capability_Maturity_Model_Integration

I have search for this case study but i didnot find any helpfull content. So Please Help

CMMI is a deep subject and case studies are most likely to be behind paywalls, such as at the IEEE or ACM publications web sites. They do have general (free) search tools, and provide the abstracts of the papers so you can determine which ones you want to purchase. If you are working for a major tech company, many of them have corporate level subscriptions to these sites. I know that my company (Nokia) does and I can get copies of any of the IEEE or ACM publications (and others) as needed for my work.

Note that the IEEE and ACM also have distribution agreements with many institutions of higher education. Yours might if this is in relation to a university class you are taking.

A recent issue of Cutter IT Journal featured two CMMI Institute Partners in an issue that explores topics related to agile CMMI.

CMMI Institute Partner Hillel Glazer serves as guest editor and provides a preview on the articles included in the issue and perspective on the agile CMMI conversation. Glazer states,