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This is my second time asking this question but now I will just make it straight forward because I didn't get any response from my other question.
I want to know how can I write a program or a script in java that will be burnt/embedded to a DVD+RW disc to detect the type of player(DVD player, Car stereo, computer(CD/DVD ROM or Writer), playstation) I want the program or script that will be embedded in a DVD+RW disc be able to detect the device the disc is inserted in, let say when it has detected the device for testing it will return either a device type name to a file or any method which will state that the disc was inserted on this device that will be for testing, what I want it to do is threat each device differently.

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Java is not really an appropriate language to write that.
you'll have to communicate with the hardware, and within a jvm.
the first is not really Java minded
the second ... well, good luck in finding car stereo's, .... that have a jvm installed.

you can't, period. The storage media is just that, storage.
Unless the player device has a way to execute specific code stored in specific places and do something with the result of that execution, it will never be executed.
If your selected player has such a system, its technical documentation is where you'd have to look. And it would be non-standard, different between brands and even models.
And then you'd still need to find a burner that allows to burn at the specific track locations the player expects to find that code.

Ok not what you'll saying is that it not currently possible ok that cool.
@Stultuske you said that java is not an appropriate language to do this I will have to communicate with the hardware, so how can I communicate with it to achieve at list the similar to this and also which language is appropriate for writing something like this?

Also I've just thought of another way but now the problem that rises it that there are stereos like car stereos that has an allocated storage memory these stereos are capable of copying the disc to the stereo memory and they can also burn or write the files to the disc so I'm sure these stereos are more computerized so I think since they can run a disc copier program and disc burner program they can maybe execute codes but I think on a limited or fixed processor. So how can I in these types of stereos

I suppose the answer would be "it depends". I have a car stereo that can play CD's, thumb drives, or other USB devices (iPods, etc). I suspect that the means by which it determines which is is which is a hardware probe (ie, what port is active).

Well what I want is to detect the device and I want to handle the devices differently or the simply way be creating a program or some sort of script that will be executed when the disc is inserted to a computer or in these stereos, but I think I will have to get back or carry on in VB.NET because I just got another idea of doing this since they said the dvd/cd players doesn't have a jvm installed so i will just try it with the new idea I just thought.

Now we've only spoke about DVD/CD/ players and Stereo but no one mentioned the playstation since I think it capable of executing a program but I think it has a library of format which it supports, because with my understanding a game is a program too so the playstation is capable or reading from a disc and it can write files to memory card and it can also create files so I'm not sure whether to treat it as a computer or, any idea?

The reason why I ask is because I want to know which devices are capable of executing programs too so that I won't limit my self in this project. the devices that are capable of reading or executing programs from a disc will be treated differently because they will have to perform some tasks to accomplish tasks. I won't provide much details towards what my project for security reasons I will be more generous.

For Windows, you will want to look into the "AutoRun" functionality:
Click Here

PlayStation is different. Maybe this will help:
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Wishing for car sterios to run your code is hopeless. There is probably no way to make that happen.