just starting learning java jdbc ..
i have this error:
Type mismatch: cannot convert from int to Object

**tempRow = new Object[]{rows.getInt(1), rows.getString(2), rows.getString(3),
                    rows.getDouble(4), rows.getString(5), rows.getInt(6), rows.getDouble(7),rows.getString(8)};

well, an int is a primitive type, not an Object. you could add a cast to Integer.

thanks for your answer the problem was my compiler i change to 1.6 and it is working now

yes, I was wondering why the auto(un)boxing didn't work.
but why change it to 1.6? when developing software, it's always best to go for an up to date stable version.

might be that you're not convinced enough (yet) to jump to Java 8, but why don't you use Java 7?

Yes, 1.6 is no longer supported, and security bugs in 1.6 are not fixed any more. It's essential that you update to a supported version - 1.8 or the latest 1.7

i m using eclipse in ubuntu and really i found it very hard to upgrade it to the latest one..

should be no more difficult than installing, setting your $JAVA_HOME to point to it, and adding it to Eclipse.
Of course the version of Eclipse you have might not understand a later language level, but installing a newer version of Eclipse or Netbeans is even easier than that :)

Eclipse is always slow to update for Java updates (although it has supported 1.7 for years, so that's no excuse). NetBeans is always up to date, including beta versions to go with beta versions of Java. That's why I switched from Eclipse to NetBeans.

yes netbeans is very good but very slow on linux

netbeans is not slow. it just uses a lot of resources.
if you want to use netbeans, the choice of OS is not what makes the difference, rather your CPU, your available RAM, ...

in fact, in my experience Netbeans tends to outperform Eclipse on any reasonably up to date system (and on one that's very old, and seriously resource limited, Eclipse isn't going to perform either).

And that's from running both (and other IDEs) together, often at the same time, on multiple machines ranging from brand new to 5+ years old.