As a lecturer, you are required to prepare an analysis of your student performance based on their marks. Therefore, you have to develop a software system that capable of doing so by evaluating their marks. The computer system that you will be developed must able to find the minimum, maximum and the average marks of the student. Thus, the performance index can be determined for each of the student. The system can determine the performance index for the student based on the average marks. This relationship is shown in Table 1.

Table 1

0 ≤ x < 40 Poor
40 ≤ x < 75 Average
x ≥ 75 Good

Below are the important criteria that you have to concern while developing the system:

The student need to provide 2 important informations:
Their name: (Used variable student_name )
4 Subjects marks: (Used array type variable subject_marks[ ] )

There will be four (4) functions need to be use:
min_marks(float, char)
max_marks(float, char)
mean_marks(float, char)
index_performance(float, char)

Enter student name: Shahrul
Enter 5 subject marks (0-100): 88 92 87 98 100

The highest mark for Shahrul: 100
The lowest mark for Shahrul: 88
The average mark for Shahrul: 93.00
Performance Index for Shahrul: GOOD

Do you want to continue? y

Enter student name: Kamarul
Enter 5 subject marks (0-100): 43 21 59 70 75

The highest mark for Kamarul: 75
The lowest mark for Kamarul: 21
The average mark for Kamarul: 53.60
Performance Index for Kamarul: AVERAGE

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