Hi all, just wondering if someone could help me out with a small loop question.

If I had an input field in a GUI which writes to variable "counter" (a numerical value), how would I be able to use this value to control the amount of times a loop is run. I have tried using the break function to exit a loop when it reaches a certain number of iterations, but it nothing I've attempted seems to work.

Any help is appreciated

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Do you have any code to show? Or else, what kind of loop do you use? I'm guessing that it's a while True: loop due to the need of using break.

If this is the case then using a for i in xrange(counter): loop would be more recommended.

Remember that if you break while in a loop that is inside the loop that you want to break, you only break out of the inner loop, but not the outer loop.


To break out of a nested loop put it into a function and use return instead of break.

commented: Yea I kinda forgot about that +0

Thanks for the replies:D
at the moment the code section looks like this:

        URL = (self.link_entry.get())
        HITS = (self.hits_entry.get())
        DELAY = (self.delay_entry.get())
        COUNTER = int(HITS)
        WAIT = int(DELAY)

        for i in xrange(COUNTER):
            webbrowser.open(URL, new=0, autoraise=True)

First I tried just using the variable 'hits', but I noticed it must first be converted to an integer, so I used the counter variable. Finally works!

Thanks again for the help guys:D

This would be much simpler without the 'fake constant named all uppercase variables'

        for i in xrange(int(self.hits_entry.get())):
            webbrowser.open(self.link_entry.get(), new=0, autoraise=True)
commented: If it isn't used in multiple places, sometimes constants just make the code longer! :D +0

Haha that really is a lot simpler, looks like I've got a looking way to go yet:)
Cheers guys:)

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