Hi basically I have been trying to set up the irrlicht engine with Visual Studio 2010 and after adding in the inlcude and library file paths it seems as though Visual Studio no longer recognises "stdafx.h" as a valid precompiler?? I know this has something to do with not being able to access this but i do not know how to change this without affecting the setup for irrlicht engine. Can someone share their words of wisdom to help me overcome this?

Thanks Lee

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When you created the project did you tell the wizard to use precompiled headers or did you uncheck that box? If it was left as the default (checked) then all *.cpp files must include stdafx.h as the very first include file. If the project contains any *.c files then you need to tell VS that they do NOT use precompiled headers.

well the project is not one which i created as it was one of the examples that was already part of the irrlicht download. There are several projects in one. However i am only running one. The errors i am getting are all relating to a ".h" file which i believe is actually present?? The picture below shows 246 errors relating to the same thing.


sorry the picture is not particularly clear. The file it does not like is d3dx9math.h (x245) & CD3D9Texture.cpp (x1)

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