I'm trying to represent my data using a bar graph, the data being displayed is goodVotes, neutralVotes and badVotes on the x-axis for each of my pieces of data (records in an sqlite3 database).

I wish the "bookName" of each record to be displayed on the x axis of the BAR GRAPH along with it's corresponding good, neutral and bad votes. Then the bars to be displayed depending on the amoun of votes they have. I want sizing to be (width) to be based on screen size (i have a screenWidth and screenHeight variable already set up) as i have 15 different x-axis variables each contaiing good, neutral and bad votes section.

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Every gui problem has already been solved by vegaseat. Type tkinter bargraph in daniweb's search form and you'll find many examples, like this one, still fully working after 7 years !

The matplot libray is the work horse for any type of plotting with Python ...

''' mp_barchart_vertical2.py
make a simple vertical bar chart

downloaded Windows installer (Python 3.3 version)

tested with Python33

from pylab import *

# names of sales persons
persons = ['Tom', 'Jean', 'Paul', 'Mike', 'Beth']
# monthly sales numbers for each the above sales persons
y = [12600, 13400, 16350, 17100, 14700]
# centers the bars on the x axis
x = [0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5]

# vertical bar is bar()
bar(x, y, align='center')
xticks(x, persons)
ylabel('$ sales')
title('Weekly Sales Numbers May 2012')


It also allows you to save the plot to a grahics file.

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