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I was working with VB.NET but then the problem occurred so I decided to change this project to VB 5.0 because that where I can make this program a stand alone executable file, this program will be embedded on a Disc (CD/DVD) so now what I want is to disable a user from viewing the inside contents so I want to remove these items when you have inserted this disc and right click the disc I want to remove:
1) Open
2) Open in new window
3) Format
4) Erase this disc (because I'm working with the re-writable

Any one know how I can achieve this even with a vb script if it possible.

Inside a disc I have an Autorun that execute a program that is embedded inside this disc.

Thank you

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You are talking about Operating System features here. To do something like this you will have to do some reasearch into the Windows API to see if this is possible(Most likely).

If it did, I might even go as far to say that this may cause your application to be flagged as a malicious application by anti virus software.

Another thing: You don't have to use VB 5.0 for the executable. You can create an executable from a VAST majority of lanuages floating around out there. (VB.NET included)

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Well there are a couple of programs I've created in VB.NET they work perfectly on my laptop or OS(Windows 7) but I can't run them on an older OS such as XP so I know that the programs created in VB5.0 they work in any Windows OS haven't tested on windows 8 but I do think it will work too so my point since you said I don't have to go back to VB5.0 to create the standalone exe program how can I make my program that I created in VB.NET to run on old OS like XP and if the problem is with the installation then how can I make it a standalone exe program and run in XP and windows 2000 and other old Windows?

Thank you.


The problem you are running in to would most likely be cause by a lack of the proper version of the .NET framework on the older machine.

When building an application, it is built using the targeted framework.

See Project > (My Project Name) Settings > Compile > Advanced Compile Options > Target Framework (all configurations)

Please note that this was done in VS2010, and may not be the exact steps you will need to take to find this.

As shown here, the .NET framework is supported as far back as Windows 98.

The Other Version selection can be changed to see the requirements for each version selected.

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