im trying to do this for fun but i cant figure out why i keep getting "null" instead of previous entry.

ps. this isnt homework
Thank you

public class GetUser {

  public static void main(String[] args) { 

    String name;
    String a [];
    char x='y';
    int i;
    int n=1;

      System.out.println("Please enter a name");

      a = new String [n];
      a[n-1]=  ITI1120.readString();

     System.out.println ();
     System.out.println("Do you want to add more names? (y/n)");
     x= ITI1120.readChar();

      System.out.println("Your list so far is:");
     for(i=0; i<n; i++){




Line 19. On each pass of the loop you create a new array (which will have all nulls as its data) and thus lose all the previous data. You need to create the array just once, before entering the loop.

then how can i have an array that is as big as the number of entered strings ?

That's a very good question! You set the size of an array when you create it, and it can never be changed. So your main options are:
1. Ask the user how many numbers they want to enter, and use that to create an array of the right size
2. Guess a reasonably large size, but then if they enter too many numbers you create a larger array, copy the existing entries into it, then use the new array and let the old one be garbage collected.
3. Use an ArrayList instead of an array - internally it implements option 2 for you. Google for examples and tutorials if necessary.