My teacher give me this, write this in C++, but I have a lot of project, please help me

Write a program "computer". The program allows the user to enter an expression, then print the results to the screen.
- Expressions parentheses, brackets can nest
- Expressions will have calculations (plus (+), minus (-), multiply (), division (/), hat (^)
- Can remove multiplication (
) before the brackets. For example: 3 * (2 +1)  3 (2 +1)
- There are plus points if the expression is calculated as a function of sin, cos, sqrt, ...

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Welcome to DaniWeb helb,

You stand a better chance of getting C++ help if you post you questions in the C++ form but you also need to show that you've attempted the task yourself first otherwise you might struggle to get any helpful replys.

Have a go at Googling it, the calculator is a beginner's task in most languages so there will be plenty of examples for you to look at.

What ChrisHunter said, plus we don't don't do your homework for you, no matter how much of it you have! Make a decent effort, and many of us will help you sort out your issues, but until then, don't bother asking!

Too lazy to even search on Google for C++ function calculator!

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