I am doing an academic project, making a sales forecasting using holt-winters forecasting method. I really need help to make it in vb.net and searching in google for example but found none. Is there anyone who ever heard about this method and help me with the code? Thanks...


Maybe explain the holt winters forecasting method? Is it a formula or a set of actions to be carried out?

you have need to search in risk management category for this type of project , its is sales forcasting project .

this is the explanation of Holt-winters method, or triple exponential smoothing.
or this one from wiki

i need to make it into a form in vb.net something like this,

the "alpha, beta and gamma" are constants that must be estimated in such a way that the MSE of the error is minimized. I need to find the best combination for this.

so many things to ask, i'm sorry. I am really really a beginner.. Thanks..