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I have a remote control aricraft toy. I want to control it from my pc. I do not know where to start. Is there anyone who did this before or did any project dealing with hardware programming ?


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What components are located on the aircraft to? bluetooth, wifi module...by what means can it recieve commands? What is the model/make/Manufacturer of the toy?


While I've never done this (but wanted to) I could throw out something. I have seen others do items like this, but they were USB devices they rebuilt. If it's a good old RC plane, you might have to remake the controller, or do some redesign to the original, so first you can connect it to your PC (you need to send signals somehow right).

Then comes the part of communicating with your device you have created, which to be honest, I have no clue how, I personally would like to know to (I have a theory you could be looking at some assembly)

Thanks both of you for your interest. My plan is very simple. I am looking to hire an electronics engineer to buil a circut for me which will connect to the circut of Halicopter's remote and also connect with my computer through usb port. I will also ask him to give me any interface to communicate with driver files so that I could get and send some data and commands.

You might be able to find something out there to read the USB data and send it? I remember awhile back in Cyber Security Competition, there was one where it turned out to be a bunch of keyboard strokes. Each key had a value that was captured by this file (there was a translation table you could find online).

So it might bot be as hard as you think. Do keep us informed, I'd love to see the outcome

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