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I need to create an SQL database for my work, and use visual c# to build the application. I work for a college and we have just opened up an IT support shop that is run by the students. They need a database created, but I am unsure where to start with the process.

I need a databse that will hold both the customer details and all the repair jobs related to that customer. Am i right in saying that i would need two tables. one for the the customer, giving them a reference number set as a primary key and the other table with the job details, with the repair number as a primary key (foregin key in customer data)

any advice where to start will be great. i understand this may be a long project but i have untill summer nexy year to get it done


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You'll need three at the minimum, five seems like a decent basic design.

CustomerDetails - Store the basic customer details.
Jobs - A record of each and every job undertaken.
CustomerJobs - A link between a customer and any job undertaken for that customer.

JobStatus - Small definition table that gives the different states a job can be in.
Departments - A record of each department in the college. This will be linked from CustomerDetails. (This is better design that simply entering a text field)

What you need to remember when designing your database is not to over-fill tables with unnecessary information. Remember the responsibility principle used in Software Engineering as the same methodology can be used for database design.

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