Could anyone out there give me some help in using selectionformula or any other method in printing a report. I have designed a program in vb 6 and i want it to select flight No details and Date using crystal report 8. I have used the following code but i get type mismatch error

Dim ATMhist as CrystalReports
Dim ATMDate as Date
Set ATMhist = CrystalReport1

ATMDate = Format(txtHDate.Text, "YYYY,mm,dd")

ATMhist.SelectionFormula = "{TManifestHistory.date} = date ( " & ATMDate & " )" And "{TManifestHistory.FlightNo}='" & Combo2 & "'"
ATMhist.WindowState = crptMaximized
ATMhist.Action = 1

NB: I linked the crystal report control to the report file at design time


I'm wondering if some of the properties to crystal require a specific data type:
ATMhist.SelectionFormula = "{TManifestHistory.date} = date ( " & ATMDate & " )" And "{TManifestHistory.FlightNo}='" & Combo2 & "'"

TManifestHistory.FlightNo, for example, might be expecting an integer, instead of a string (Returned from combo2), and if it's impartial to the data type, using combo2 without a specific property is a bad idea. Combo2.text would be a better solution to that. You might encase combo2.text with a val:


Hope that helps.

True its a bad idea in case the expected field is an integer but combo2 is suppose to accomodate a flight No which is a string e.g "SXY 715". I have tried making it
cstr(combo2.text) but still getting
Run-time error '13': type mismatch :sad:


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