I learn Java programming language. I have a .exe file that was produced with lunch4j. I can easily run that application in my computer but I can't run it in other computer. I got error ""Window can't access the specified device, path or file, you have the may not have the appropriate permission to access the item". Please help me.

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Sounds like you may have hard-coded a file or path in your app that isn't present/valid on the other machine?
Or it may just be lunch4J mis-behaving. Do you really need to use it? Why not just distribute a jar?

–ěn other computers which operating system ? If you are working with files in your program, open files and try something in it to write, on the Linux system requires permissons

Vardan is right on a linux system it requires permissions to run a script.

pelle12: then again, why would anyone run a native Windows executable on Linux?

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