I learn Java programming language. I have a .exe file that was produced with lunch4j. I can easily run that application in my computer but I can't run it in other computer. I got error ""Window can't access the specified device, path or file, you have the may not have the appropriate permission to access the item". Please help me.

Sounds like you may have hard-coded a file or path in your app that isn't present/valid on the other machine?
Or it may just be lunch4J mis-behaving. Do you really need to use it? Why not just distribute a jar?

–ěn other computers which operating system ? If you are working with files in your program, open files and try something in it to write, on the Linux system requires permissons

Vardan is right on a linux system it requires permissions to run a script.

pelle12: then again, why would anyone run a native Windows executable on Linux?