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Are you talking about a scrolling background, or changing the left property of a image or picture box control?

and BTW, help as a subject title is not very descriptive...

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pls can someone tell me how make a picture move across the screen in visual basic 6.0, i have no idea.....

Please give more information.


Select your picture box, set its border style to none, resize it to what you would like a user to see. Add a timer control and set its Enabled property to false and its interval property to say 250, depending on the speed you want to scroll the picture. Add the following code -

Private Sub Form_Load()

Timer1.Enabled = True
Picture1.Left = -4320 'Depending on where you picture box's right is off the screen
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

If Picture1.Left > 8400 Then ' the furtherest right the pic will move
    Picture1.Left = -4320
    Picture1.Left = Picture1.Left + 50 'Depending on how far you want to scroll the picture after every
    'mouse trigger event
End If

Timer1.Enabled = False
Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

You will however need to do some more recearch on the net for anti flicker code, because with the method above, you will experience flickering, especcially with large pictures.

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