Uhm, I'll tell it as clear as possible.

So, if you have few files and you put it into for example .zip archive.
Files are included into one file and can be double clicked to be executed.
If you change this .zip into .xyz file and trying opening this in Notepad++
You get unreadable signs and actually you can't do jack with it.

Is there programming language (favorable Python) that would allow to create
one file, that would have in it files of various extensions and would be able
to execute .exe files and just perform basic tasks within it's memory such
as creating text files, moving files, deleting files etc. ?

The point of it is, that I can more safely (not safe, but more safely) just expand files plain on virtual memory than just rush them encrypted over whole real memory where user can't click, open and debug them.

Perphaps an archive viewer is what you are looking for, or, assuming you are the one creating the files, you could make a main python file and use it to import the other python files and it will automatically build a pycache.

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