Hi Dw.

I want to write the program for VeriFone device that will read the cards, this device has 2 types of readers the one reads the chip and the other is for magnetic strip reader so I want to write a program that will listen for both readers and for each in used reader it will be processed. The program will be embedded in to the device. I have Eclipes and I've installed the Java Card Development Environment on my environment. I haven't started this project because I don't know where and how to start it any help, suggestions are highly welcome. The device is a 32 bit and has 8 MB memory

Thank you.

The VX670 runs an ARM 32bit chip, and, according to the data sheet, has about 6mb of RAM. There are some mention in the reference manual of writing your own applications, but they are quite vague and it does seem to be C / C++ related, not Java. Look at http://www.verifonedevnet.com/verifone/devnet/dnProgramView.do?pageTypeId=109140&programId=148632 to see some of the SDK's that are available.

These devices are intended to be used with a POS system, they provide drivers for this from VeriFone that allow you to read some information from the device. Are you sure you need a custom program on the reader?

Thank you and yes I'm sure. So I can't write a program for this device in any other language like java? What if I install the jave embedded device which comes with a JR to execute java files?

i am looking for a verifone vx670 modify software...or write a program

What you mean by modify software? You mean like making some changes on a software? If so then I doubt you find solutions. I think the software once exported from IDE or published you can't modify it you will have to just redo or do changes on a template project on IDE and rebuild and export with modifications but in this case I don't believe you have the project of VX software in source code to be able to do that modification you said.