I have installed ubuntu 11.10 on my PC and the default shell i got was dash
i found it out by

ll /bin/sh

But i could not run some of the scripts and thought of changing the shell to bash.

so i did,

cd /bin
rm dash
unlink dash

rm dash was success, but when i try to unlink dash i got message

link: cannot unlink `dash': No such file or directory
i got the same before using rm dash also

so i used

     ln -s /bin/sh bash

ln: creating symbolic link `bash': File exists

then i did

 sudo unlink /bin/sh

after the step sh was removed from /bin.

i downloaded bash-4.0.tar.gz from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/ and tried to configure , but again i got

bash: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

please let me know how to solve this problem.

i need to install bash .

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I have reinstalled the OS, and

cd /bin
sudo rm sh
sudo ln -s bash sh

now my /bin/sh is bash.

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