hi friends ...
this is my 1st post I'm sure it gonna be beneficial to me..
Well I'm facing problem in this assignment.As I'm not that good in c++ programming. Please help me out .We have to use doubly linked list.
Assignment requirements

You are expected to write a simple console application which reads a text file that consists of contact information (name,surname,email,phone number) , and being capable of doing some processing on that data. Exaple data file is Contacts.txt .

Your program must be able to process this kind of files and insert it into a circular singly linked list. After teading this file, it must be able to sort the list according to surnames. After that operation, program asks for the user input to enter the start and end user surnames and it will print the person in the list whose surname is within that user input (inclusive).

Implementation of a circular singly linked list class of "contacts" with fallowing operations: add to head , remove from head , add to tail , remove from tail , sort , and print from given start-surname to end- surname. This will be a proper C++ class.

This project is really really important for me and I have only few hours left so I'm really really really need your help. Yhank you very much

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How far have you got? I note that you say you have to use doubly linked lists, but the assignment says singly linked lists. Which is it?

Have you written down the actual things you need to do (i.e. do you understand the assignment)?

I understand some parts but also didnt get some parts too. I didnt able to write the implementation of the sort and print function. Sort function will sort the lis according to surnames and print function will print the list from the start-surname to end-surname (start-surname and end-surname will be entered y the user)

Serious question; I read out to you a list of names, and I want you to give me back the same names, in alphabetical order. How would you do it? Code that. Seriously. Draw it on paper; little boxes, each one containing a name and a pointer to the next box. How can you sort that list? Here's a hint; compare two adjacent boxes, and if they're in the wrong order, swap them. This is the basis of bubblesort, a slow but very easy sort algorithm.

The second part just the same; I will read out to you a list of names. One of those names will be STARTNAME. One of those names will be ENDNAME. I want you to write down every name from STARTNAME to ENDNAME. How would you do it? Now code that.

This is programming. Thinking about the problem in a way that the solution lends itself to a programmed implmentation. All the rest is just memorising syntax and learning how to use the tools.

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