I want to build an application in java, without using ipAddress i should be able to access the Remote System.
Please do the needful.

Please do the needful.

What do you have so far?

How can you possibly access a remote machine without using its IP address? YOu could use something like JmDNS to locate the remote machine, but you still have to use the IP address from JmDNS to access the machine itself.

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Just to kind of echo what JamesCherrill has said, it is impossible to access a machine without an IP address. The entire point of an IP is address is to provide a reference to a machine across a network. It is literally impossible to find a machine without it's ip.

Have a read around how networks work before attempting this if I were you

here just kind of question is how you find any computer is at remote location?

just by differentiating ip address.If pc is in same network then you can access it by name.