Dear All ,

I am looking for a .net control to act as progressBar. it shoule have many empty boxes , and which progress , it gets filled. as in Free Download manager. Please refer to attached screen shot.


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Dear Sir,

I know default progress bar which is 20 years old. I need another progress control as in the attached screenshot to the original post. Please take a look into it.

Thanks for support.


Your question is really nice,
I think that you want your progressbar which is divided into sub parts?
Am I right?
I don't know any of this Code, but you can do one thing.
You can use Picturebox in the panel and create your own progressbar.
So this may be look differently from the original ones too,
If you want the same progressbar as VB.net in divided content then you can place those progressbar together, (I means: 1st progressbar end touches 2nd progressbar starting.
And if you think that this make the Progressbar with cutted lines then you can add the new big progressbar on it, and when the initial progressbar starts, hide the big progressbar,

I think, you got the point.


Sure , good point. I can design it from scratch. I thought there is someone who did it before.



I don't know if some one did it so before,
but this can be done.
Usually I do same thing at some places, i create the image with gradient fill and add to picture box so that it look nice,
So i just give idea from it. this idea was stuck by me, And i think that on your situation this can be done so...


In this Attachment I show how to do and so.
this is easy, I am unable to show with picture box now,
If you want to learn on picture box then msg me, I will do for it too...
This attachment include how to make look like divided progressbar.

If my solution works for you,
Please Upvote and comment, and not forgot to mark the thread as solve

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great idea, it help me, thanks man
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