I want to know how to write a C program to embed text or data into the image, and also how to display this image as output. Can anyone please help me, its urgent guys!!!

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OK, I trust that this is indeed urgent for you, but you should be aware that it isn't necessarily going to get us moving faster. The forum moves at its own pace; you might get an answer right away, or the next day, or next week, or never. I wouldn't pin my hopes on us too strongly, is all I'm saying.

That having been said, I will reply to your request with another question, or rather several questions. Please bear with me, as there are a lot of variables at play with what you trying to do.

First off, what image format are you working with? Is it a raw bitmap, or a compressed format? Is it a file that you are loading into memory, or an image already in memory that you need to manipulate? Do you need a library that can load and save the image to the necessary format?

Second, is the goal the procedure, or the program? That is to say, do you need the titling, or are you writing a program that happens to need to support titling? Could you use an existing program for what you are doing, such as GIMP, or does this have to be a new program (or part of a new program) that you are expected to write?

Third, where is the image to be output to: the local display console, a printer, a web page, or some other kind of display? Do you already have any program that can display the file, and why would you need a new program to do so if you do?

You can do this by changing some pixel values and put the binary values of your text. If this is spread on your image, it will not affect the image quality because only some pixels will be out of sync with the next pixels. Here is a link that I think will help you with the subject:

Usually when you are on a short time frame, it's easier and faster to use a ready function or a library. I used one called lead tools to do this and it helped.

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