Hi guys,
Tomorrow is my theory paper exam of C++ OOP and Data Strucutre. Paper will be based on 50% theory Q/A and 50% on coding implentaion.
Can you give me some hints to prepare for this coming exam?
PS. I have gone throw all lectures slides and course material, but you know what I am asking for, how can I prepare my se;f to do 100% job?

Umer Jamil.

It's hard for us to know what your teacher put emphasis on.

I would say that in general it is always very important to know the connections between the different parts of your theory. Don't just study it by heart, know how it relates to itself. Speaking for my experience, most teachers will ask questions that go beyong just reproducing the theory but that focus on understanding the theory and relating it to other parts of the theory.

Basicly you would have to feel like you understand the course not that you can reproduce the course.