hye guyz,

Can any one tell me that what the data structure is used behind FACEBOOK ???
I have googled but not found any useful answer...

plzz tell me quickly..

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I suspect they use several. Can you be more specific about which feature of facebook you're referring to?


I know what you mean, but nobody is going to enumerate the likely data structures used in each feature supported by facebook just because you're too lazy to pick a specific feature.


What will knowing that data structure FB used will help you in anyway? If you have a problem of picking which data structure to use, then either post it here or compare the pro's and con's of each data structure and pick the one that best suites the problem. They don't use some magical data structure that no one knows. Most data structures are based on the basic ones like trees,arrays,list.... so get to know the fundamentals first.


Well, facebook is a social network, which has the word network in it, which usually implies a graph structure. And, coincidently enough, facebook uses a graph structure at its core, how surprising... I didn't need to look far to find that out, look at the wiki or the developers' page.

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