i want to create a program like below

Write ‘C’ language program for maintaining a phone book.
Your Program should allow user to “ADD”, “DELETE”, “MODIFY”, “SEARCH”, “Display All
Records” and “COUNT” records.
All data should be stored in text file and should be available whenever the program is

File should have following data:
Employee number [Auto – generated]
First Name
Last Name
Basic Salary
Date of Joining [DD-MMM-YYYY]
Phone Number

Apart from Employee Number, search should be available on First Name, Last Name and
Department or combination of either two. Search should display complete record.
Records should be properly displayed either GRID WISE [Page Scroll should be maintained]
or One Record at a time with option to move to next record or quit.
Proper validations should be maintained on all data fields.
Key Field should be Employee Number, hence no two records can have same employee
Please mail me that source code

Thanks in advance

Pankaj Singh

Please show us your effort. I, for one, am very happy to help you, but I'm certainly not doing your homework for you.

Put in a decent effort, show that you've tried your level best and we can help you with areas that your struggle.

Please mail me that source code

Please deposit $10,000.00 USD in my PayPal account and I'll do that sometime within the next 12 months or so.

Just for curiosity -- why would "Data of Joining" be in a phone book??? Joining what???

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