I have a project which is running on client side.Now i have to do some modification in it.so i have to make patch file.what is patch file and how to make it.Can i make ocx,dll and exe in place of that.

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let me tell you: What is patch File ?
1.) Patch File is program that just copy the resource file and paste it to the installation directory.,

This is simply as you crack manually. (for any game or software)

2.) The another type of patch is just changing the some of value of that exe file, (it like HxD software) it's the small software and let you make change the hex document. so the patch is doing same thing read the hex document and edit the changes and saves.

Now you want to save the changes of exe file and let want the update?
At earlier time i am also finding this type of articles but after that all I got the point.
So it's depend on you what you want to do?

Patch File is always exe, while dll or ocx you describe are the main file.

Let give me example: You are having a program (sticky note) and the all theme are saved in the form of dll file (initial version), and your program will find out the theme from that resource (dll file)
So you are having an update so when you paste the same name and same extension on that same directory (i.e. replacing) so your program get updated. so that is "Update via Patch"

More Information:
Regarding HxD Software: you can view here
you can contact me for more info if you are suffering from any doubt or you are confused.
This method is complicated. You should use this method only when your program is heavy (big size more than 10-20MB)

NOTE: I am not teaching you to create hacked program, I am teaching to how you can update your program via patch? (i mention this as there no misunderstood)


actually vb application is running in client side...without disturbing their process i want to remove some problems in application...i have complete setup ready but if whole set up will run then process aborts and work will stop..so for that purpose i want patch file


I don't think so this is possible.
you will atleast need the program to be restarted...
but then too I will search for this and inform you in future for the solution

I hope you will solve your thread,
Thank You

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