hi every one am a beginner and need help with a guessing game am writing an any one help me out ?

Yes, but only if you help yourself out. Please post the code you have attempted then we can answer questions you might have.

Show some code first..
Provide some code and we will work from there.

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katongo lets play a game , I write the simple algorithm you make It a code ,
first question would be what is the guessing game and what would the player see or do ?

the most simple version of this is :
computer makes a random number (<= constant n) , and then player enters his numbers on his thought in input then , program tells the player :
"The number you entered is lower than expected"
"The number you entered is higher than expected"
"You won , Its the correct number"

So what you got to do is :
1-learn how to make a random number
2-learn how to compare input with the random number generated
3-learn how to print out the result of comparison

now if you already know how to do the steps above , you can write a code here , and then we could help you with the code .