I am trying to find a way to convert measurements and add measurements together. Does anyone know of anything like his? Thanks.

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Wow. That is a nice table.

I am actually looking for a library or something that I can use in my program to facilitate the conversions. Thanks.


Not heard of a library, but wouldn't be hard to make one

static public class Conversions {
    static public double InchesToCentimeters(double inches) {
        return inches * 2.54;

    static public double InchesToMeters(double inches) {
        return inches * 0.0254;

Stuff like that. If you want to get fancy, you can use F# as it supports 'units' with a type, and will track things for you. You can type something as 'cm' and something else as 'sec' and if you divide one by the other you'll get 'cm/sec', for example.

And since F# is a .NET language, if you build a library from it, you should be able to use it in other .NET languages, such as C# :)

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