Hi all .
I would really much appreciated if some one can help and guide me how to do login page by visual studio . Basically im trying to build helpdesk project . login page with database connection . Thanks in advance

So...do you need help with the creation of the login form too? What have you started? Are you looking for help or are you looking for someone to do this for you? I think your request is very vague but I will send you to the Youtubes, see here.

Hi there
Thanks for quick reply, sorry if I didnt explain properly, I have not started the project yet and I have very limited understanding of visual basic, and im really stragling where to start and how to do the login page and the coding for it . its a helpdesk support project . by the way thank for` the youtube video .

The video is a good start (albeit with annoying music). What I recommend you do is design the form with the text-boxes, labels, and other controls you think you need. Once you have that done, you'll find all the help you'll need here with the coding.