Hello friends.

I am having problem with displaying japanese characters into eclipse console.

I use eclipse IDE. And I have two properties files.
one for default english text, and
second has japanese text. which is not correctly displayed when normally opened.

I have used ResourceBuilder and Locale class (JDK 6 - which might not contains Locale.Builder class) to set locale to specific and displayed
both the files' content.

There is no problem with displaying the english text,but when i display the content
of japanese file , it shows the ? or some other characters.
So how can i display the japanese text on the console of eclipse?

[1] Changing the unicode into eclipse
[2] Without using Java Swing
[3] Without changing the language from control panel

I know many sites can display text in different languages, which has different character sets supported by the OS.

Is there any way I can do this?
Or should I use Locale.Builder class?

I guess you can change the character set used.

finally i have to change both file's encoding(save to) UTF-8 encoding...

But here is another problem:

when i print 漢字 hard codded value, it is displayed correctly on the console..

But the text from file is not like that..Although the ??? are replaced by some characters like