Hi all,

I am about to upgrade my VS2005 system to VS2010. (My OS is Windows XP SP3)

I would like to know if there is anything that I should do before upgrading that will make the process a little easier?

Also, what problems will I have with my existing projects when I open them in VS2010?
E.g. Is VS2010 going to make any source file changes? And how much of an issue is the solution file change going to be?

I use MS SourceSafe which is integrated in to VS2005. Is this still supported in VS2010?

Thank you for any advice that you can give.


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Generally the installer for VS2010 will detect and upgrade all components as required in the conversion from 2005.


If your local development machine is also running MS SQL Server 2005 and the install includes an upgrade to MS SQL Server 2008 you may run into some issues there. If MS SQL Server is actively running at the time of installation the install may fail and there is the slight possibility of damage to the MS SQL Server 2005 install.

If, on the other hand, your install does not include any change to MS SQL Server then you should have a relatively smooth upgrade even if you're installing the 2008 server management tools and such (which I believe are reverse-compatible with 2005 Server).

As for changes to your projects and code... The first time a project is opened within an upgraded environment (2005 project opened in 2010) it will prompt you to update the project.

If you are planning on working on the project in both versions do NOT do this as it will be unreadable in 2005 afterwards without some lengthy and annoying file tinkering.

I'm not sure about MS SourceSafe but I would personally think that if it was integrated into 2005 it would likewise be in 2010.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks adatapost. The latter article is helpful.

I don't believe XNA 3.1 is supported by VS 2010 at this time, in case you are interested in XNA development.

I don't believe XNA 3.1 is supported by VS 2010 at this time, in case you are interested in XNA development.

Not sure on the version but tools for XNA development are included in the VS Express for Windows Phone install package and are installed as Windows XNA Game Studio 4.0 so I would assume that some XNA is supported by VS2010 or it wouldn't be included in the express edition.

XNA 3.1 is not supported

Thanks for all the replies.

I finally install my copy of VS2010 (I've had it for over a month).
I have yet to use it for any major projects as I am currently working on documentation for other things (hence the delay in installing it).

So far the few projects that I have upgraded have done so with no problems.
I will post any issues I have when/if I have any.

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