Hi. I just got a problem running my graphics program written using C language in DOS Box. There may seem a problem using the graphics.h running through DOSBox in Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. The program just flickers fasts when I run it. I know that my program is correct and should be running correctly, though there may seem wrong with the set up of my DOSBox. Can you please help me? Thank You.

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There probably isn't anything you can do about it, you are attempting to run a program compiled with a 30-year-old compiler for MS-DOS 6.x and Win95 in a modern operating system. DOSBox tries it's best to be compatible, but is not the same as the original MS-DOS. If you can, find a copy of MS-DOS or Win95 and run your program there to see if the flicker still occurs.

My guess is that the program erases the entire screen then repaints it. You might try erasing and repainting only the part of the screen that needs it.

I will disagree with Acient Dragon on this one. DOSBox runs native DOS games pretty well, so you have to ask youself "what am I doing differently than these other DOS programs"? I haven't programmed in DOS in forever so I can't say exactly whats wrong, but to just give up due to the platforms age alone is rather pessimistic.

I personally would try to create a very basic graphic program first to see what graphic modes are supported by the emulator, then use that code as a template for your other graphics program. You might also try asking DOSBox forums and mailing lists, or look at the DOSBox documentation to see if there are any clues that would tell you what you might be doing wrong.

A true hacker never gives up. Good luck.

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