would it be possible to right a program that would create a sort of virtual audio device that would show up under playback devices and that i could set as default, the purpose of this virtual audio device would just be to redirect the audio stream to a different device selected by a user in the program.

its just to make switch between audio devices much easier and its become a real pain for me having to un-plug, re-plug in my headset or jump through too many hoops to change the default device. i've spent a good amount of time on google trying to figure out a solution to this and all i could find was people either sending information to the properties window or using undocumented API functions which i think is a bit awkward or unreliable.

what i want it to do:
- have the virtual audio device show up in the playback options to set as default
- find available audio devices
- a user interface to select audio device
- assign devices to certain key combinations
- have the assigned key combinations accessed globally so if you have a full screen application up you don't need to minimize it
- maybe an option to remove or hide some devices

i honestly have no idea if this is possible and where to begin, i've browsing google for a while now and my head is spinning. i've only completed, or sort of completed one project and that was a crappy 2d game engine so i'm probably way out of my depth on this one if it is possible. i'm not looking for anyone to write this for me but point me in the right direction and see if i can go from there.

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It seems that what you are looking for is essentially the same as this audio changer.

And I would imagine that they just use code similar to virtual audio drivers to achieve this. Which seems like a pretty good starting point for making your own.

I don't know what else you could want.

similar to the audio changer but i'm not looking to change the default device, just redirect the audio stream. so pretty much OS -> myaudio device -> selected audio device. looking at that audio changer it seems to just to provide offer system tray options for windows properties.

thanks for the virtual driver link, not sure how i missed that before, guess its going to take me a lot of time to wrap my head around this.

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